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June 27, 2019
All articles are listed by publication date

Center for African and Disapora Dance Opens in BAM Cultural District
by Brooklyn Eagle (), published online 12-23-2011

FORT GREENE — Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance will kick off 2012 with a free grand opening weekend of classes and a live concert on January 7 and 8.

Master instructors in drumming and dance from all over New {read more...}

Modern Dance Intensives at Brooklyn College
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 12-23-2011

FLATBUSH — The School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts at Brooklyn College is partnering with the Martha Graham Dance Company to offer two unique and intensive classes at the Brooklyn College campus in Flatbush from Jan. 9 to 26.

The {read more...}

ABT’s Nutcracker Ballet
by Carrie Stern (, published online 12-21-2011

By Carrie Stern

“Mommy, can we see a ‘real’ ‘Nutcracker’?” my daughter asked me recently.

Now mind you, my daughter is 22. And yes, I’ve never taken my two girls to the “Nutcracker.” There are many reasons: timing, expense, and frankly, most “Nutcrackers” are a bit frothy for my taste. But Brooklyn now has two “Nutcrackers,” both at the Brooklyn Academy of Music — Mark Morris’ beloved but not often seen “Hard Nut” and American Ballet Theater’s new annual version that {read more...}

BAM’s Big Fans
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 12-21-2011

To celebrate its exceptional audience members during its 150th anniversary season, the Brooklyn Academy Music held a Facebook contest to find the “ultimate BAM fan.” The contest was an extension of BAM’s first institutional ad campaign — “BAM and then it hits you” — featured in New York City subway stations and cars this fall. {read more...}

Gerda Lissner Foundation Honors Singers at Annual Holiday Musicale
by contributor (, published online 12-19-2011

By Nino Pantano
Special to Brooklyn Daily Eagle

BROOKLYN — The Gerda Lissner Foundation, which has done so much for young opera singers by providing scholarships, honored the renowned tenor Jonas Kaufmann and the brilliant soprano Angela Meade at its annual Holiday Musicale at the elegant New York Athletic Club on Friday evening, Dec. 2. Gerda Lissner President Stephen De Maio gave thanks to the many that have assisted the Gerda Lissner Foundation in its quest. I was proud to be on that {read more...}

3D Pina Bausch Documentary Opening at BAM
by Carrie Stern (, published online 12-14-2011

By Carrie Stern

What a treat. Last week I saw Wim Wender’s documentary Pina.

Pina is an ode to choreographer Pina Bausch. Juxtaposed against archival footage of Bausch working, the film documents new versions of her dances “Café Müller,” “Le Sacre du Printemps,” “Vollmond” and “Kontakthof.” Especially fascinating is Pina performing the original “Café Müller.”

Wenders met Bausch, the founder of Tanztheater Wuppertal, in 1985. The two became friends. For many years they discussed collaborating on a movie of Bausch’s work. But {read more...}

Art Work Stolen From Atlantic Avenue
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 12-14-2011

HERE AND GONE: Anthony May contemplating his new sculpture outside the Atlantic Avenue gallery caught a photographer’s eye. Alas, soon after, he reported the work had been stolen despite being anchored in concrete. Police were notified, but at last report it had not been found.

* * *

Questions? Comments? Sound off to the Editor

St. Ann’s Warehouse Finds a New Home
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 12-12-2011

When the theatrical group St. Ann’s Warehouse found its bid for a new home at the Tobacco Warehouse within Brooklyn Bridge Park stymied by community infighting, many people feared that the troupe would leave the borough altogether. Now, however, {read more...}

Brooklyn’s Regina Opera Presents a Stunning Madama Butterfly
by contributor (, published online 12-12-2011

By Nino Pantano
Special to Brooklyn Daily Eagle

BENSONHURST — On Nov. 19, Brooklyn’s Regina Opera began its 42nd year with a visually compelling and vocally impressive performance of this heartbreaking masterpiece composed in 1904 by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924).

The part of the geisha Cio-Cio San (Madama Butterfly) was brilliantly sung by soprano Christina Rohm. Rohm’s entrance aria “Ancora Una Passo or Via” caught our ears with its shimmering pure sound. Her ardent vocalism in “Bimba Dagli Occhi” her love duet {read more...}

Artist Paints Brooklyn Bridge Park
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 12-09-2011

Summer may be over, but this painting, “Summer View From the Brooklyn Bridge Park,” is one of several paintings of the park by Mary Anna Goetz that are currently on display at the James Cox Gallery in Woodstock. Goetz, who lives in Woodstock, frequently returns to her former home in Brooklyn Heights to paint neighborhood scenes.

“We have never lost our connection to the Heights,” Goetz said. “We have dear friends who still live in the neighborhood, and I {read more...}

Brooklyn Museum Presents Exhibit: Early 20th Century Feminist Writer
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 12-09-2011

BROOKLYN — The Elizabeth A. Sackler for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum will present “The New York Journalism of Djuna Barnes, 1913-1919,” an exhibition of 45 objects relating to the career of early 20th century writer, journalist and feminist {read more...}

BAM Presents Masterful Portrayal Of Regret, Krapp’s Last Tape
by Associated Press (), published online 12-08-2011

Previously Performed in Dublin, London

By Jennifer Farrar
Associated Press

NEW YORK — Is it better to have had ambitions and failed at them, than never to have tried at all? Better to have made definitive choices, even if time has proven them {read more...}

Jonathan Lethem Honors His Influences in New Book
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 12-08-2011

Nonfiction Essays Show Another Side of Writer

By Carl Blumenthal
Special to Brooklyn Daily Eagle

BROOKLYN — Everyone’s waiting for the next big thing. So for Jonathan Lethem to celebrate the writers and other artists who have influenced his literary career, rather than his own originality, is something new. And with 80 essays in 427 pages, his recently {read more...}

Dance Brooklyn
by Carrie Stern (, published online 12-07-2011

By Carrie Stern
Brooklyn’s LAVA has arrived.

That’s a funny thing to say about a Bessie award-winning, 11-year-old dance company, but there is a maturity about LAVA’s new and — as always — collaborative performance, Atlas, running through this weekend under the direction of founder Sarah East Johnson.

Changing little about the formula that has made LAVA so beloved, Atlas seamlessly blends acrobatics and dancerly passages, creating a performative whole that has long seemed to elude them. On the trapeze or {read more...}

Art Show Proves Controversial
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 12-06-2011

Sculptor Judith Z. Miller created this piece, “Extinct Animal Species,” from the roots and branches of trees. It is part of her show, “Sticks and Stones,” which she installed at the Con Edison Gallery at 30 Flatbush Ave. Extension. She was recently told by curator Leon Nicholas Kalas that unnamed higher-ups determined that she had to dismantle the show because it was “not appropriate for Christmas.” A spokesman for Con Edison said the utility is looking into it.

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