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May 24, 2019

Free Anthropomorphic in Downtown Brooklyn
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 11-25-2009
Live Orchestra, Provocative Puppets, for Teens and Adults

A free showcase of Anthropomorphic by the Puppetry Arts of Brooklyn theater will be performed Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 12 and 13, at the Regal Theatre, 106 Court St. in Downtown Brooklyn at noon.

A live 20-piece orchestra will feature artists from the New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble (NYSAE), showcasing 10 original songs from the musical score.

While Anthropomorphic features puppets, it’s not for young children. Writer and executive director of Puppetry Arts Tim Young intends to stimulate political and social thought, championing the right to social equality for individuals facing intolerance and hate.

The underlining narrative concerns imposing social standards and choices on one another in a battle between homosexuality, faith, and death.

“This is an outstanding opportunity to expand our organization’s audience to include teens and adults with such a provocative and significant storyline relevant to them,” says Young. The production will include hand puppets who will perform songs by Tom Swafford and Peter Solomon Gross with lyrics by Young. The featured guest musicians from NYSAE will be conducted by NYSAE Musical Director Tim Hutto.

The material is not suitable for youth under 12 years of age and the event will be handicap accessible. Supporting the community outreach of the Brooklyn-based organization, Regal Entertainment Group has partnered with Puppetry Arts for over five years, giving the charity a venue to accomplish it’s mission accessible for all communities.

For further information about Anthropomorphic call (718) 768-3703 or e-mail

* * *

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